Who Is Social Media Influencer Olivia Jade?


Life imitates art if you have the life of Lori Loughin and took part in the artistry that was "Full House". When she discovers what her husband has done, she decides to tell the school the truth.

In the 26-year-old episode, Loughlin's character, Becky Katsopolis, faced a dilemma. The episode revolves around Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's attempts to get their twins, Nicky and Alex, into Bouton Hall, "the best pre-school in the Bay Area".

"Nicky and Alex are normal, healthy kids and whatever track they're on, they seem to be doing OK", she says. During their interview at Bouton Hall, Becky caves, telling the admissions officer that they "may have embellished - lied - a bit on [their] application".

"I know you want what's best for them, but you know what?"

Which is probably why social media has been relentlessly creating and sharing memes about the allegations against her.

Olivia Jade is a YouTuber who made a name for herself posting makeup tutorials, talking about fitness and making videos about her life at the University of Southern California.

"I mean, I expected this from a desperate housewife, but you?" the host added, referencing Huffman, who was on the series "Desperate Housewives".

"Well, it looks like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are heading back to TV", Meyers said, as an above-shoulder graphic featured the Desperate Housewives and Full House stars "newly cast" in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. Loughlin was taken into FBI custody in Los Angeles Wednesday and released on $1 million bond as part of the investigation into a massive college admissions scam. She is accused of paying an organization $15,000 to help her daughter cheat on her SATs, according to The Cut.

"This all started when Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse tried to lie to get their twins into that fancy preschool", another wrote.

On the show, DJ has a bad dream about taking the SAT and Uncle Jesse not only takes a peek at the test answers, he also tries to sneak a cellphone into the testing room so DJ could cheat. "They're saying this could be the Becky with the Good Hair that Beyoncé warned us about", he said.