You Can Stream PC Games To Your Phone Through Steam Now


While the company swiftly killed off production of the original Steam Link box and controller in November of 2018, they have been working in secret on a software implementation of the same concept in the form of Steam Link Anywhere.

Steam Link Anywhere means that as long as your internet connection is stable and you don't mind having a computer running while you're out, you should theoretically be capable of playing games literally anywhere. Until, Apple and Steam can works around restrictions with the security framework in iOS, there is unfortunately no iOS Store version of the app as of yet.

This streaming of games is one of the use cases for 5G.

Valve extend Steam Link out of the home and networking API to all developers
Steam Now Lets You Stream Games From Anywhere

Steam Link Anywhere is launching in "early beta" today, so expect some bugs or functionality that is otherwise rough around the edges. You could only stream games on your local network at home. Your Steam Client also needs to be on the latest beta build, which will be dated March 13 or newer.

Valve did not state the exact specifications required to stream at various resolutions, but added that it would continue to improve the Steam Link Anywhere experience. For both the host PC and the Android device. The new feature gives users the ability to stream their entire Steam game library anywhere.

A post from slouken on the Steam Community boards stated that you should be able to stream games to your Steam Link from virtually any computer running Steam. Regardless, this is an exciting development from Valve that represents just how powerful gaming will be on the 5G networks of the future, with fast speeds and low latencies.