YouTube Music officially launched in India; pricing starts at ₹99


YouTube Music Premium subscription has been priced starting Rs. 99 a month. But, Spotify has fared quite well for itself, garnering 1 million subscribers - both paid and unpaid - within one week of its launch in India.

YouTube has also brought its premium service with original content to India. Besides, there is the advertisement-led free version. If you don't want to see the annoying ads, then you can avail the premium edition of the service at an affordable price tag.

YouTube Music is a music streaming service that is specifically tailored for music streaming. The market is quite crowded with a dozen home-grown and global music streaming apps that offer free and premium services. Furthermore, you can enjoy background play and offline downloads for YouTube videos.

YouTube Premium Family plan (up to 6 members) is Rs 189 per month. So you will need to install it separately from Google Play Store. A Nielsen report from 2018 says YouTube is the country's top source for streaming music, and Indian music label T-Series just surpassed YouTube star PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel on the entire platform for the third time, before dropping back to second place.

"With the Smart Search feature on YouTube Music", she adds, "music lovers can find any song, even if they can't remember what it's called", added Patel. It also includes membership to YouTube Music Premium, and offer an ad-free experience with background play and offline downloads for YouTube, along with access to all YouTube Originals.

To some extent, that's because YouTube users know they can get to music videos for free, but it also has to do with Google's baffling strategy in operating two separate brands around music.

YouTube had the scope to leverage its advantage of being present in the country for more than a decade while others started operations later. Its launch in India feels like mere posturing to make its presence known in the market without really putting in too much effort. This is the most legal way to download YouTube videos. Speaking in favour of Apple Music, you can store your personal music and access the same through the same app.

Press release courtesy of YouTube Music.

What changed their mind now? That is what prompted the service to launch YouTube Music, its "made-for-music" app dedicated to, well, music.

Another reason could be that YouTube has not been successful in making its video streaming service a premium one. "From recommended music videos, live performances, covers, to new videos - it's all here, and only here".