Apple willing to spend over $500 million bringing games to Arcade


We already knew that Apple was investing a lot of money into persuading developers to make games for the service, and the last we heard these games were also allowed to come to PC too at the same time - but this may not be the case. The report says it's spending "several million dollars each" on more than 100 titles, which puts Apple Arcade's budget in excess of $500 million. Big industry names such as Cartoon Network, LEGO, Konami and Sega are some of the few which plan to release games on this new platform. Besides funding efforts, Apple is also believed to be assisting with engineering and helping developers deploy their game engines across Apple's operating systems.

Apple Arcade have a better prospective for generating revenue for Cupertino company, as with this package user will slew of premium video games from both independent and well-established and game developers. The report states that these will be exclusive to Apple Arcade, and will not appear on other competing subscription services. Now, to fix a problem it's partially responsible for creating, Apple is launching Apple Arcade.

While developers will be able release the same game on computers or other gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch or Sony PlayStation a few months after launch, Apple will offer the "extra incentive" when players withhold release of the game from Google's Android or Microsoft's Xbox game pass, notes the report.

The analysts are basing this on the presumption of the platform reaching 29 million subscribers paying $12.99 per month by 2024. All games on Apple Arcade are handpicked by the company and the option to play and access these will be limited to the company's devices. It has been pushing hard to get as many high quality and high profile games for its Arcade Service. There's no word on what the service will cost when it launches later this year for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.