Facebook Messenger Dark Mode is rolling out worldwide


"Each window will also be able to contain sheets that are initially attached to a portion of the screen, but can be detached with a drag gesture, becoming a card that can be moved around freely", according to 9to5. Alongside the iOS 13 update, this year's WWDC is likely to be a place where Apple would unveil macOS 10.5, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13.

Facebook has been widely testing Messenger's Dark Mode for about a month now, and while the feature was available for some users, you couldn't enable it via the settings menu.

There is an undo gesture support on iOS devices that lets users revoke typing by physically shaking the device.

WWDC typically reveals some of the new key features that will arrive on iPhones and iPads in September, but we've already got an idea of a couple of the updates that should come with iOS 13 thanks to a report from 9to5Mac. With iOS 13, iPad users will be able to perform a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, after which sliding left and right will allow users to interactively undo and redo actions. This will help users differentiate between multiple Split View windows.

Then there's also font management that's expected to improve the text interface of both phone and tablets.

The Mail app will organize messages into categories such as marketing, purchases, travel, and "not important", with all of these being searchable.

Font management will be upgraded too, with a dedicated panel in Settings, meaning you won't have to install a profile to get new fonts anymore.

It is also said that Apple is aiming to bring easy collaboration to third-party document-based apps. It is said to be similar to clicking and dragging multiple files in Finder on a Mac. Now while that may have seen a very cool little hidden feature, Facebook has now chose to implement the feature into the settings of the Messenger app across iOS and Android.

Other improvements in the upcoming update include the addition of an undo gesture, smarter mail features, a new volume HUD, and improved multiple item selection.