Fb’s newest mishap entails weird messages printed on Oculus controllers


Facebook's head of VR Nate Mitchell confirmed this little whoopsie on Twitter, stating these goofemups - which included other phrases such as "This Space for Rent", "The Masons Were Here", and "Hi iFixit!" Indeed, the Dev versions had extra messages hidden, including "Big Brother is Watching" and "Hi iFixit!"

So, all those affected consumer devices will eventually ship, which means anyone buying a Touch controller might see one of those messages, if they feel like taking apart their controller.

Oculus also recently announced its next-gen VR headset called the Oculus Rift S.

The easter eggs were supposedly meant to be on just the prototype controllers, but ended up making it onto 'tens of thousands of Touch controllers'.

Facebook said it accidentally hid weird and "inappropriate" messages inside "tens of thousands" of virtual-reality controllers, including "Big Brother is Watching" and "The Masons Were Here". "We See You!", referring to the popular teardown and fix guide website, and the somewhat creepy "Big Brother is Watching". The messages were only supposed to be included in prototypes of the machines.

It looks like Oculus is having a pretty bad week as the company "accidentally" added privacy-focused jokes on the inside of the Touch controllers.

The messages can be found on the "flex", an internal component of the controllers.

'To be clear, no devices have been sold with these messages yet, since Quest and Rift S have not yet shipped, ' Johanna Peace, an Oculus representative, told Business Insider. Anyhow, Nate did apologize for this accident, however, there is no calling back since Facebook wouldn't recall these products as they won't hinder with the integrity of the hardware anyhow.

However, many pointed out that even though the company is being upfront about the issue, shipping thousands of devices with jokes about privacy doesn't help Facebook's already tarnished image. He also said that Oculus has fixed the production process to make sure this doesn't happen again. "We think it's important to be transparent with our community and take responsibility when there's an error".