Google, Huawei to Pay $10 Million Over Faulty Nexus 6P Phones


After 2 years of legal actions, the companies have to settle this down and officially declared that they will pay $400 to each user of the Nexus 6P smartphones.

If the court verdict on May 9th came in favor of plaintiffs, Nexus 6P users in the USA who bought the device on September 25th, 2015 and onward would be qualified to claim repayment.

Owners of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow flagship also kicked off about an issue relating to battery drain, complaining that the 6P often overheated, causing the battery to plummet and the device to unexpectedly switch off.

There's nothing like thinking you have 20 percent battery left and then the phone just shutting down on you!

To recall, Google and Huawei got involved in a lawsuit over boot loop issues on some of the Nexus 6P devices. Should this settlement receive court approval, both companies will be on the hook to the tune of $9.75 million, with payments of up to $400 being awarded to plaintiffs.

While the proposed class action settlement notice clearly specifies the two aforementioned defendants in this case continue to deny all allegations brought against them by a disgruntled group of Nexus 6P users, it's pretty obvious Google and Huawei are in full damage control here, offering to pay up to avoid the "risks of a trial". However, note that there's no website yet for you to file a claim - the courts need to approve everything first, which should happen in the next month or so.

As you would expect, Huawei and Google are asking that all affected Nexus 6P users to present a detailed documentation of the issues.

So, if you did own a faulty Nexus 6P and maybe still have all the necessary documentation to prove it was buggy, keep your eyes on the lawsuit.

The settlement is still under approval from the court, with an answer set to be revealed on May 9, 2019. This would allow everyone who purchased Nexus 6P units which issues properly documented to receive a compensation of $400 while those who faced issues, however, don't have any documentation against it would receive compensation between $10 to $75 per head. Users who received a Pixel XL against their Nexus 6P in a prior warranty exchange programme would be eligible to receive up to $10 (roughly Rs. 700), while the ones who experienced the alleged bootloop and submit documentation of the issue would get up to $325 (roughly Rs. 22,500).