Large, flightless bird attacks and kills its fallen owner


It has been called "the world's most risky bird", due to its 4-inch dagger-like claws and incredibly strong legs.

A man has been attacked and killed by the "world's deadliest bird".

The victim, 75-year old Marvin Hajos, was found at his property in Gainsville in the north of Florida and, was known for breeding cassowary birds, according to state wildlife officials.

A large, flightless bird, similar to an emu and native to both Australia and New Guinea, killed its owner when the man fell down on his property in Florida, authorities said Saturday.

"My understanding is that the gentleman was in the vicinity of the bird and at some point fell".

"Initial information indicates that this was a tragic accident for Mr Hajos", sheriff's office spokesman Lieutenant Brett Rhodenizer said.

Cassowaries, which are known as "the most unsafe bird in the world" have attacked people before and are understood to pose a significant danger to both humans and pet animals.

Police say the bird involved in the incident remains at the property where the incident happened.

The man, whose name was not released, had sustained "serious injuries" and was transported to a local hospital, said Alachua County Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Jeff Taylor in an email. They can be up to 2 meters (6ft) tall and weigh up to 60kg (130lb), with black body feathers and bright blue heads and necks.

A sign warning drivers to be aware of cassowary birds in Australia.

"Powerful legs help the cassowary run up to 31mph through the dense forest underbrush".

"Each 3-toed foot has a dagger-like claw on the inner toe that is up to 4 inches long!" the San Diego Zoo website reads. The birds are not raised for food in the United States, but are sought after by collectors of exotic birds, according to authorities.