On AFSPA, PM Modi says, 'Shouldn't our security forces have safety net?'


"I have visited the entire country".

The prime minister claimed there was a "Modi wave" this time that is stronger than the one in 2014.

Khan's support and also the suggestion that Modi would bring in better ties between the two nations indicate a secret understanding, perhaps compromising the interest of India on Kashmir, he said.

While the parliamentary poll is in full swing in India, PM Narendra Modi has addressed an audience at an election rally detailing why he prioritises security issues in his policies, as well as pondering on the soured ties with Pakistan. The people of J&K are not the slaves of the Abdullahs and the Muftis whose three generations have ruled this state.

In a series of two tweets, Mehbooba Mufti called out the BJP and said that first they would call them traitors and at the second moment, they would be forging an alliance. The Congress and its allies keep politics above the security of the country.

"What used to happen earlier was terrorists would come from Pakistan, attack us and the Congress government would only lament before the world that we have been attacked. This is a new India and it will strike terrorists well inside their hideouts across the border", he thundered.

Taking to social networking site Twitter, Modi wrote: " I want to clearly tell JKNC and PDP leaders: Jammu and Kashmir is exhausted of your self-seeking politics. He added that the Congress did not have faith in India's armed forces.

PM Modi had taken on everybody from the regional parties to the Congress at the Kathua rally.

In Aligarh, Modi raised the issue of nationalism, a key plank of the BJP's outreach to voters. Those who can not respect Vande Matram, can not respect mother India. "I now see a more powerful wave than in 2014", said Modi.

The Prime Minister also hit out at Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for skipping Saturday's event to pay respect to martyrs of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. But its Prime Minister Imran Khan did call on both sides to pull back from the brink in February because of the "weapons we have". "In order to gain sympathy & consequently power, PM is misleading people by equating himself with the nation".