Sanders has entered millionaire class, tax returns show


University of Maryland Professor Emeritus Peter Morici on 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' socialist economic policies. He officially launched his campaign on Sunday.

From canapé-filled fund-raisers on the coasts to the cloakrooms of Washington, mainstream Democrats are increasingly anxious that their effort to defeat President Trump in 2020 could be complicated by Mr. Sanders, in a political scenario all too reminiscent of how Mr. Trump himself seized the Republican nomination in 2016.

Trump, however, is unlikely to be fazed by Sanders's decision to release his tax information, after winning the White House in 2017 without filing his returns. Just look how Kim Kardashian makes more money than her husband Kanye West.

But in his 2016 campaign, he frequently targeted wealthy Americans. On the contrary, even with his book money he is still towards the bottom of the congressional net worth rankings, with wealth of about $1 million - a tiny fraction of Rep. Greg Gianforte's (R-Mont.) $136 million or Rep. Jared Polis' (D-Colo.) $122 million. Now he finds himself entering their ranks. "But when you bring it down per taxpayer, we are talking more than $20,000 increase in taxes", said the group's leader. "While millions of people are paying more in taxes than they anticipated, Amazon, Netflix and dozens of major corporations as a result of Trump's tax bill pay nothing in corporate taxes, and I think that's a disgrace", he added.

President Trump continues to refuse to release his tax records.

"I pay the taxes that I owe".

The following year, Sanders earned slightly more, $1,131,925, again largely on royalties from the book's publisher, Macmillan.

Bernie and Jane Sanders have three homes, one in Burlington, a second in Washington and a third, on a Vermont lake front.

The venue was a town hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The couple's adjusted gross income hovered between $200,000 and $325,00. It's relatively straightforward, since Sanders had a fairly low income at the time as compared to other candidates.

Sanders' town hall also outstripped FNC's average in that hour by 24% in total viewers and 40% in the news demo. It included clips of Sanders criticising the influence of "millionaires and billionaires" alongside a chart showing how he became a millionaire through his books sales.

In 2016, a major attraction for his strong cohort of young voters was his promise of free tuition at all public colleges and universities, paid for with a new tax on Wall Street trades.

In 2018, his income dipped to $561,293, according to tax returns.

Cognizant of the shift in the Democratic Party, the Trump campaign has cast the 2020 election as a choice between socialism and freedom.

President Trump has made dismantling the Affordable Care Act a top priority of his first two years in office, promising that "the Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care".

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