Skype beta adds screen sharing feature


In a community post Microsoft announce the feature is coming to both iOS and Android devices. Though, it had since lost its dominant position in the market, the Microsoft-owned video-calling app continues to launch and add some cool new features. But a member of the Skype team has told us it should be rolled out in the official version of the app sometime this month if you can wait just a few more weeks.

Microsoft noticed that users will nearly certainly share their showcases to indicate collaborators a PowerPoint introduction, or offer their swipes on dating applications, or do some co-ordinated online based shopping. This will enable Android and iOS Skype users are their phone's screen on Skype video calls. Simply tap on ... during a Skype call and select Share Screen to get started. With the latest Insider build, you can now share your screen on your Android or iOS device during a call.

As such Microsoft is trying to bake in more features that bring the desktop and mobile experience closer together, hence its recent announcement that beta testers of the app are now testing a screen sharing function on both iOS and Android.

This feature will be helpful for sharing PowerPoint presentations, showing any other kind of document without actually sharing or do some online shopping.

The potential applications of mobile screen-sharing are varied and extremely useful. All you need to do is to toggle, then right-click, or even go through your Skype settings to instantly and subtly blur your background. The feature is definitely promising and very useful so we can expect it to see it on the stable version soon.