Zach Johnson had the most embarrassing Masters moment


The 2007 Masters champion was on the 13th tee going through his pre-shot routine, swinging his driver but he swung a little too close and clipped his ball which bounced off a tee marker.

The extraordinary incident became even more weird once the ball had richocheted off the tee marker and come to rest only a couple of metres away, still on the teeing ground. On one of his practice swings Friday, he accidentally knocked his ball off the tee. Under USGA rules, Johnson was allowed to re-tee without penalty because it was not intentional.

"Oh sh*t", was the immediate reaction from Johnson, known universally as perhaps the golfer least likely to drop a four letter word on the course.

Only his pride was hurt, since he was able to re-tee without a penalty because he did not intend to move the ball.

Luckily for Johnson, no penalty was given since he did not intend to hit his ball.

Johnson just made the cut and he is at three over par.

"Okay, there's a first for everything there boys", Johnson said, relieved.

"I actually hit a really good tee shot after that, so I think I recovered nicely", he said, although he noted that playing partner Matt Kuchar would likely not let him forget the gaffe.

Zach Johnson of the U.S. hits from the rough on the 2nd hole during second round play of the 2019 Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, U.S., April 12, 2019.