Deepika Padukone asks her fans to help her choose Cannes outfit!


"For my generation specifically, social media has been awful", Gomez said, according to a report in the Guardian. In the Cannes opening night film, even the zombies tote cell phones, and when asked about the influence of social media in the current culture at the film's Wednesday morning press conference, Gomez got honest.

"I think our world is going through a lot, obviously".

A performer with an extensive following on social media says that the platforms are risky.

"It does scare me when you see how exposed these young boys and girls are", she said. They are not aware of the news. "I don't think people are getting the right information sometimes".

Arriving in a perfectly Parisian look, Sevigny - who was later joined by The Dead Don't Die co-stars Tilda Swinton, Selena Gomez and Adam Driver for the film's world premiere - sported a striped mini dress for the occasion.

The acclaimed filmmaker confessed he was actually "more of fan of vampires than zombies" but that he used the undead in his new film, which blames fracking for the zombie uprising, "as a metaphor".

"But for my generation specifically, social media has been bad".

Over the previous year, the "Back to You" singer has visibly taken a step back from Instagram, posting only sporadically or when she's promoting a new project.

"I think it's pretty impossible to make it safe at this point", she continued. "I'm grateful I have the platform". "I don't take a lot of pointless pictures I like to be intentional with it".

With the recent investment announcement after her series of business-oriented decisions, Deepika is the one name that is not just setting the trends high as an actress but also, as a businessman which the fans are highly appreciating. "I'll meet them at meet-and-greets, and they're just devastated by bullying and not having a voice".