Five Injured as Plane Crashes Into Fuel Truck


Five people have been hospitalized following an airplane's collision with a fuel tank truck at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

A fuel truck driver has been charged with unsafe driving after the vehicle hit a plane at Toronto's Pearson airport.

The collision occurred as the Dash 8 plane was taxiing to the gate at around 1:45 a.m.

A number of people were treated by paramedics and three people were taken to hospital after sustaining "minor injuries", the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) said.

A spokesman for Jazz Aviation, which operated the flight under an agreement with Air Canada, says one of the injured passengers remained in hospital Friday morning.

Once the passengers and crew members were out of the aircraft, they were escorted into the terminal building.

The flight was en route to Sudbury when it was forced to turn back due to fog.

"The incident isn't the first of its kind, and far from the first to take place at the Pearson least 25 runway incursions have happened at Pearson since June 2012, according to a report from 2017".

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is deploying a team of investigators to the scene.

MacDonald says the incident had no impact on airport operations.

The extent of damage to the aircraft was not immediately clear.