Free Tetris 99 Game on Nintendo Switch Gets $10 Offline DLC


After ongoing requests from the community, Nintendo has today dropped Tetris 99 DLC that allows players to enjoy two new modes - both of which can be played offline. All Tetris 99 players competing online during this period can receive points for placing high in matches.

This suggests that Tetris 99 players can look forward to the release of new modes in the near future, with purchase of the Big Block DLC granting access as these modes are released. The second game mode is Marathon.

As noted above, the CPU Battle and Marathon modes are played entirely offline.

Keep in mind that if you buy this DLC and you ever want to play Tetris 99's main mode, you'll still need to subscribe to Switch Online.

The Tetris 99 1.3.0 update also brings some changes to functionality in the game.

Tetris 99 Big Block is available for download in the Nintendo eShop. The online membership is simply for playing against other players, which I sure some people couldn't care less about.

Tetris 99 was release on the Nintendo Switch February 13.

This tournament runs from 12 a.m. PT on May 17 to 11:59 p.m. PT on May 19. If you earn 100 points between May 17 and 20, you'll unlock the Game Boy Tetris skin, which is a lovely retro throwback.

At the same time as revealing the Big Block DLC, Nintendo also announced details of the third Maximus Cup event.

Tetris 99 is the video game gift that keeps on giving.