Google rolls out new visual ad formats for mobile


There are a lot of travel apps out there but if you don't feel like downloading another app and if you mostly use Google to look for things like flights, hotels, restaurants, etc, then this new tool from the tech giant will be really helpful for you. You will have the option to continue planning and all the things you searched for including saved places, flights you're tracking, etc will be on the trip, provided you're signed in to your Google account.

These changes will be limited exclusively to mobile service, not desktop, with gallery ads expected to become widely available "later this year".

Google executives told reporters on Monday the latest features were a response to how users behave, not competition.

'It actually changed with mobiles and what users expect from an online service like Google, ' he said. According to Google, combining search intent with a more interactive visual format in gallery form makes it easier for brands to let their audience know what they have to offer.

New arrivals include a "gallery" format for mobile, enabling advertisers to reach users with multiple images and the introduction of ads within the discover feed built into many Android home screens for the first time. The ads will be made more accessible for the audience so that they may find more information about the product easily. As to where the Google Trips app will fit into all of this that remains to be seen. Google Shopping, the company's primary e-commerce offering, also received a face lift.

Google will begin featuring ads on the homepage of its smartphone app worldwide later this year, as the search engine expands its advertising real estate to boost revenue from mobile shoppers.

The company is unveiling a redesigned personalized Google Shopping experience, along with introducing the idea of a universal shopping cart across its platform of services, including Search, Shopping, Images and even YouTube.