Guard fired his weapon during school shooting


Would you especially pray for them right now and for the eight who were injured at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado?

Investigators are probing the security guard's actions during the chaos that broke out Tuesday afternoon at the Highlands Ranch STEM School when two students allegedly opened fire on classmates, killing one student and injuring others, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told ABC News.

Little remains known about the cases against the suspects in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting that rocked the community May 7.

An 18-year-old student, identified as Kendrick Castillo, was shot to death when he charged one of the gunmen inside a classroom in an attempt to stop the shooting, police and witnesses said.

An individual claiming to be a STEM parent made several allegations regarding the school's culture when she called Douglas County School District's (DCSD) Board of Education director Wendy Vogel in December 2018. One of the other boys was shot in the chest and students put pressure on the wound to try to stop the bleeding, he said. Both guns were purchased legally, the source said.

They are due to back in court on May 15 to face formal state charges, a spokeswoman for District Attorney George Brauchler said by email on Friday.

Formal charges are expected to be filed by Friday. Colorado law permits prosecutors to file adult charges of serious felonies against 16- and 17-year-olds without prior approval from a judge.

"I'm pretty sure the shooter said, 'Shut up or I'll shoot all of you, '" he told "CNN Newsroom".

There was no school resource officer at the scene when the suspects opened fire, but there was private security present. "I stayed on top of him while Brendan went off and tried to help Kendrick".

Both defendants were being held on suspicion of a single count of first-degree murder and 29 counts of attempted murder, according to court records. The two schools are separated by about 7 miles (11 kilometers) in adjacent communities south of Denver.

An anonymous person who said she was the parent of a student at the school called the school district in December to make a number of complaints about the school, including that there was a lot of drug dealing and use and that there was student violence because of the high-pressure environment there.

The Advocate obtained screenshots of Erickson's Facebook page, which show one of the teen's profile images containing a rainbow overlay celebrating Pride.

The attack unfolded almost three weeks after neighboring Littleton marked the 20th anniversary of the Columbine attack that killed 13 people.

In a statement issued by a public relations firm, Eucker said the school's administrative team contacted 2,800 parents.

One student at a nearby high school tweeted: 'Being a student in Colorado is terrifying.