HTC to release smartphone built to run bitcoin full node


HTC has been making inroads into the blockchain-on-your-phone market for a while now, with a renewed focus since the original Exodus smartphone.

To reduce the amount of storage consumed by the blockchain history, the Exodus 1s employs a method called pruning, which significantly reduces the size of the blockchain file. Later in October, it opened access to the first phone of the Exodus project, the 'EXODUS 1,' which is priced at $699.

According to the press release, Phil Chen - HTC's first Decentralized Chief Officer - has explained that the full node capabilities integrated within the new phone will allow app developers new opportunities to connect directly to decentralized networks, which are more resistant to censorship and capable of giving users more control and privacy over their money and their identity. This may sound somewhat arcane even for cryptocurrency users, the vast majority of whom don't run a full node, but it has important implications for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

HTC plans to launch the device by Q3, and while the exact price has not yet been finalized, the price is expected to range between $250-$300.

Chen said: "The 1s is going to be a lot cheaper, it will be more accessible".

As a blockchain smartphone, the Exodus 1s can store tokens and cryptographic keys of a user inside a secure enclave within the device.

The phone also comes with a built-in hardware wallet, known as the Zion Vault. Chen added: "The bitcoin blockchain is about 200 [gigabytes], and it's growing about 60 gigs per year. Imagine the iPod with 256 gigs ... of course the music fan wants to keep the whole music library but the crypto fan wants to keep the whole bitcoin blockchain", he said.

"I think running light nodes, like ethereum for example, is definitely doable, but it all depends on the spec".

Further, the Exodus 1s merely supports a "pruned version" of the Bitcoin node, measuring in at just 10GB of the most essential information. That said, HTC is not planning on adding support for any other networks explicitly at this time.

Now, to make it clear you won't be mining Bitcoin on the Exodus 1s or any other phone that has an entire Bitcoin node.