IPhone 11 Release Date: Apple Starts Testing A13 Chip


As the primary benefits of the new 7nm EUV process are 17% transistor density and 10% reduction in power, compared to DUV, we may see Apple will focus primarily on increasing the transistor count on its A13 chip, which may or may not result in a significant jump in performance over the A12 used in current-generation iPhones.

Where there is smoke, there might be fire, too, do you like how the new iPhones may turn out to be based on all the leaked molds, case schematics and concept images below?

The US company is extending its in-house design strategy: The iPhone is one of several Apple devices that include custom processors. It was also popular in the United States where iOS has more of an even split with Android - accounting for around 45 percent of all new smartphones. The report indicates that the new A13 chipset will begin as early as next month and eventually be featured in the trio of iPhones.

According to sources described as familiar with the matter, Apple is expected to use the A13 chip in all three successors to last year's models, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. They say that the new high-end models are codenamed D43 and D44, while the successor to the iPhone XR is called N104 internally.

Beyond the coral and blue, the iPhone XR (review) now comes in black, white, yellow, and Product RED.

This year Apple is expected to add a third camera with an ultra-wide angle lens on its higher end models. It will also enable a broader range of zoom.

Another feature coming to the 2019 iPhones is power sharing which will allow Apple users to wirelessly charge accessories like the latest gen AirPods or other devices similar to the Huawei and Samsung flagships.

The XS and XS Max handsets are reported to be half a millimeter thicker than their predecessors and their cameras will be contained within a square on the rear's top left.

Kantar global director Dominic Sunnebo continues: "iPhone XR was a strong performer for Apple. claiming the title of the best-selling model in Great Britain".