Latest Android innovations showcased at Google I/O


"We've stayed focused on the products and features that make privacy a reality - for everyone".

"The breadth of Google's modifications is" remarkable", said Joe Jerome, a coverage adviser with the Center for Democracy and Technology, a nonprofit backed by industry that advocates to an open internet and consumer privacy. Android QAndroid Q was presented at Google I/O, as the third beta version and it comes with new features.

By reiterating his goal to produce more features google CEO Sundar Pichai has kicked off the annual convention of the company.

Google products including Gmail, Drive, Pay, and Contacts all feature your Google Account profile picture in the top right corner. The Google Pixel 3a has just 64 GB of storage space which might feel puny if you downgrade yourself from such a spacious storage choice on the iPhones. Pichai wrote an editorial piece in the New York Times, where he said that "for everyone" was Google's core philosophy and that they were applying the same when it came to privacy.

"And to protect your data from security threats, we just introduced a security key built into Android phones that can provide two-factor authentication", he said.

"Now we're making it easier to manage your data in Maps, the Assistant and YouTube (coming soon)". Pichai explained why Google is confident that it can leverage more from AI without private data leaving a user's device. Google is using the same Sony IMX363 sensor as on the Pixel 3 series. Despite the presence of too many thin cables that could be torn in the event of a clumsy action, iFixit assures that they "appreciated returning to an era of more easily repairable devices".

In the USA, the Pixel 3a price starts at $399, which roughly converts to around Rs. 28,000 while the Pixel 3a XL price starts at $479 which will come close to Rs. 33,500. Google has now confirmed that it will rollout the April, May, and June patches together next month on June 3. As of now, the auto-delete feature is only available for Web & App Activity that keeps a track record for all the searches and browsing activities. With Google Home is to receive some updates where there will no longer be a need to say "Hello Google". But now, a new report claims that the new smartphone apparently ships with the outdated March Android security patch out-of-the-box. So if those aren't big deals to you, and having a headphone jack is, the Pixel 3a is going to be a really good purchase for you.

Another surprise move that might have a significant impact on its business is its plans to limit cookie-based tracking in Google Chrome, and add support for blocking certain types of "user fingerprinting" techniques that are being abused by online advertisers.