Leaked John Wick set for Fortnite Season 9 looks incredible


Reeves was discussing what fans can expect from the third instalment of the Bill and Ted franchise, Face the Music, during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

As hitman John Wick, Keanu Reeves has left his, frequently fatal, mark on many a fellow assassin.

The Canadian actor told Colbert: "I know that the ones who love us will miss us".

Keanu Reeves (just like Halle Berry) is doing the press rounds for his upcoming John Wick 3 film that hits theaters May 17th. His late girlfriend Jennifer Syme, whom he met in 1998, later gave birth to their stillborn baby daughter.

"The grief proved too much for their relationship, which ended several weeks later". Reeves and Syme remained best friends until April 2001, when Syme died in a auto crash. (In the first few minutes, John Wick kills people with a library book, about fourteen zillion knives, and A HORSE.) With the choreographed spectacle of an old-school musical and the bone-thudding skill of a great action director, this thing moves, its death count skyrocketing between glowering dialogues about fealty and honor. He and the actor River Phoenix were best friends. "You're facing your own mortality and the mortality of existence" says Colbert.

Colbert's father James and two closest brothers Peter and Paul died in a plane crash.

Fortnite Battle Royale's v9.01 update is officially live, and data miners have already found an incredible new cosmetics set featuring one of cinema's most recognizable characters - John Wick.

The mode, called "Wick's Bounty", will also have a number of special challenges for players to compete, with the leaked skin and back bling a possible reward for their completion.

Keanu was on the talk show promoting his titular, super-assassin role in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, which hits United Kingdom theaters this Wednesday and U.S. theaters this Friday.