Liverpool will learn from title race heartbreak, says Robertson


Liverpool came up short in the Premier League title race on Sunday, losing the title on the final day to rivals Manchester City by just a solitary point but Jurgen Klopp's side can still end the season on a significant high by claiming the Champions League crown on June 1 against Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid.

While Klopp said he can not promise the competition will be as intense and relentless as this season, he is looking forward to another battle with City.

There was even more optimism when City briefly fell behind to Brighton but by halftime the mood had been punctured with City in front 2-1. "That's clear", he said. It is easy to forget that they have lost four league games this season, including back-to-back defeats... "We can have no regrets, we've given everything for every game this season but unfortunately City were better". Ninety-seven points is incredible but this season is a fluke, a one-off that two magnificent teams have gone at it. The next few days will be tough when we've got time to reflect, but football moves quickly and you've got to re-focus and think about the future.

"We've not done much wrong, but we'll learn from it", Robertson told Liverpool's website.

Wolves finished its first season back in the Premier League in seventh place, which could earn a place in next season's Europa League if City beats Watford in the FA Cup final next weekend.

Manchester City also became the first ever English side to score more than 156 goals across all competitions after netting in the Manchester Derby last month.

"This team is not a finished article". That's what we are going to try and do.

"Both of us have got an unbelievable tally but we can use this and, if we have another season like this, hopefully we will win the league".

"They've got to look forward. I can read all the stats, I can read all the numbers, it's just really exceptional", added the Reds boss.

In order to wrestle the title away from the former Bayern Munich coach, you must be ideal, and I mean flawless.

"We're in the final now and we need to take that one step further that we didn't take last season".