Michigan Senate votes to ban abortion procedure


The legislation makes abortion a crime at any stage of pregnancy, with the only exception for a serious threat to the health of the woman.

Alabama's lawmakers pass a bill for a near-total ban on abortion, even if the pregnancy is caused by rape and incest. At the end of the day, the law is fully about stripping women of their bodily rights.

Jameela Jamil is joining the fight against Georgia's new abortion law - by sharing her own experiences.

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano has called for a sex strike under the social media hashtag #SexStrike in response to the campaigns against abortion rights, urging women to refuse sex with men "until we get bodily autonomy back".

State Sen. Rodger Smitherman speaks during a state Senate vote on a strict anti-abortion bill at the Alabama Legislature in Montgomery, Ala., May 14, 2019.

"You don't have to raise that child".

There are no exceptions for rape or incest, which the author, state Rep. Terri Collins, said was intentional in order to give the bill a higher chance of forcing federal court, and eventually Supreme Court challenges. You don't have to carry that child.

The Alabama bill goes further by seeking to outlaw abortion outright.

The bill likens abortion to history's greatest atrocities, including the Holocaust. "It should be that women's choice". Bobby Singleton pointed out and named rape victims watching the debate from the Senate viewing gallery. Those performing abortions would be committing a felony, punishable by 10 to 99 years in prison, although a woman who receives an abortion would not be held criminally liable.

Singleton said doctors who perform abortions could serve more prison time, under the proposed ban, than the women's rapists. "Let's be honest, banning abortion does not stop abortion".

If signed into law, the bill would take effect in six months.

Critics have promised a swift lawsuit.

All but one of the Senate's Democrats voted against the bill and staged a filibuster into Tuesday night after debating the bill for more than four hours, with senators discussing the role government should play in legislating what a woman can do with her body and the definition of life.

American Civil Rights Union of Alabama Executive Director Randall Marshall said that his organization would join with the national ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood of Southeast to challenge the bill in court within "a few weeks" should it become law.