NBA Draft Lottery 2019


While the team may now be entering the draft with just one first round pick, there is plenty of reason to be excited. Previously, the worst team had a 25% chance of staying at No. 1. Second, the Grizzlies are on the verge of bottoming out, and that selection will be top 1-6 protected next season, then unprotected the season after that.

But every team has a horse in the NBA Draft, and the big day for lottery teams is coming up in Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery. Now, the teams with the three worst records all have an equal 14 percent chance at the top pick.

For example, Minnesota's chances to get the No. 1 pick in the lottery are now 3.0%.

They will enter Tuesday with 13.9% odds of jumping into the top four, which includes a 3% chance of landing the top pick.

This year, the NBA Draft Lottery has changed things up, choosing to select the top four picks in the draft instead of the top three like they have in the past.

There is another pick the Celtics will be keeping their eyes on.

The teams with the worst three records from the past season - the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns - each have the best chance of winning the draft lottery (14 percent) and the number one pick (aka Zion).

All their woes throughout the season may pay off for the Pels if the odds work in their favor once the ping pong balls start falling.

Generally, the chance to grab the ninth overall choice would be enticing.

This might be the one of the most hard Top-10 list anyone will try to compile in the history of Top-10 lists, ranking the ten best dunks of the 2018-19 season from Zion Williamson. When undergraduates declare for the National Basketball Association draft, their name is provided to the Undergraduate Advisory Committee (UAC) who "will now provide written feedback to players and their coaches".

Despite some high variance in where their pick could potentially fall, the Pelicans are absolutely one of the early beneficiaries of the revamped draft lottery that went into effect this year. The Mavs fell to fourth in the draft somehow. "... I've seen 30 players that are very good players".

The difference between finishing with the worst record and the third-worst record has shrunk.

"If he keeps playing like he is, he's going to be a monster", Griffin said.