NY mayor threatens to fine Trump Organization over pollution


Supporters of President Donald Trump on May 13 upstaged a Green New Deal press conference featuring progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

City officials claim that the Trump buildings emit 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually, according to the newspaper's report.

"This sends a message to landlords across this city that no one is exempt from this bill; not even the president of the United States", de Blasio said during a rally inside the midtown tower where the president has his home and business headquarters.

De Blasio, who is expected to jump into the Democratic primary any time now, also brought out some Trump supporters who rode the infamous Trump Tower escalator with some homemade signs for the mayor. The building is on course to be fined $850,871 a year if no improvements are made to its energy efficiency. Clearly, they are uncomfortable with the truth, ' he said.

The mayor's statement said that buildings produce nearly 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City.

'President Trump, you're on notice. After hitting the 40 percent mark in 2030, buildings will be required to cut emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

De Blasio had to shout to be heard over songs including a Frank Sinatra rendition of 'I've Got You Under My Skin'.

Upgrades to buildings in order to meet the new standards are expected to cost owners around $4 billion - a figure that has the city's powerful real estate lobby up in arms. This translates to the Trump Organisation paying fines of $2.1m every year from 2030, unless its buildings are made more environmentally friendly.

According to city officials, the president's eight largest NY properties pump out around 27,000 tons of planet-warming gases every year, the equivalent of 5,800 cars.

The event, which was to be held outside Trump Tower in NYC, was designed to create buzz for de Blasio as he prepares for a possible 2020 announcement. "With flames on our hillsides and floods in our streets, cities can not wait another moment to confront the climate crisis with everything we've got".

The management shake-up was one requirement of the deal de Blasio signed in January with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which put NYCHA under partial federal control and a new federal watchdog. The plan will ban new glass buildings deemed "inefficient" and strive for carbon neutrality by 2050.

NY is not the only major American city to push its own version of the Green New Deal.

The president's son Eric Trump, who is helping to run the Trump Organization during his father's presidency, responded to de Blasio in a tweet late Monday afternoon.