PBS reveals 'Arthur' character Mr. Ratburn is gay


In a 2005 "Postcards from Buster" episode, the cartoon rabbit and friend of Arthur's met children in Vermont whose mothers were lesbians, though the word "lesbian" was never said in that episode either, TVLine reported. To really jump-start the new season, the series launched the first episode with Mr. Ratburn's wedding, revealing in the process that Mr. Ratburn is actually gay!

For anyone who missed it, Mr. Ratburn married his male partner on the most recent episode of #Arthur.

The outlet also reported that Mr. Ratburn isn't the first openly gay character in the "Arthur" universe. They believe the woman is his bride and devise a plan to stop the wedding. That cheery children's show that you watched back in the day at 3pm on ABC when you got home from school?

Ratburn's "special someone" remained a mystery throughout the episode until he walked down the aisle with his future husband, Patrick - a friendly Aardvark, much like Arthur - who was introduced as a local chocolate seller earlier in the episode.

After they realize teachers have personal lives, the gang runs into Mr. Ratburn and an uptight woman named Patty (voiced by Jane Lynch), who they mistake for Ratburn's bride-to-be. However, there are plenty of people freaking out online because they just aren't feeling the idea of a gay character in a kid's TV show. See some of the positive responses (and congratulatory messages for Mr. Ratburn) below.