Phillies Are On Bumgarner's No-Trade List


Around this time a year ago, Philadelphia never would have been considered a destination for Bumgarner since the team was going through rebuilding mode, but obviously the circumstances are much different now.

Adding Bumgarner would give Philadelphia not only a veteran lefty in the starting rotation, but a three-time World Series victor with tremendous postseason success.

Back in the offseason, there were some rumors over whether Madison Bumgarner could potentially be a trade target for the Philadelphia Phillies to help provide another reliable pitcher to use in the rotation that already consisted of Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta. Rosenthal later explained that Bumgarner's contract allows him to block trades to eight teams.

Rosenthal emphasized that, "Players include contenders on their no-trade list to gain leverage if a trade agreement is reached, NOT because they have no interest in winning". Bumgarner, who is set to become a free agent in 2020, strategically put together the list of contending teams that might want to acquire him from the Giants before the trade deadline.

The only question is what the Red Sox would have to give up keeping him away from a team like the New York Yankees and how much will they have to spend to keep in him Boston beyond just a half season rental.

Yasiel Puig homered off of Madison Bumgarner on Sunday but the Giants' ace was not impressed.

On that, let's let Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski do his job and figure that out.

If the Giants work out a trade deal with any of these eight teams, Bumgarner can now decide if it is a contender he wants to play for.

A proven victor looking to win again sounds like the ideal addition to a Boston Red Sox team just now waking up from a series World Series hangover.