Pokemon Rumble Rush Adds To Expanding List Of Pokemon Games


"Pokemon Rumble Rush" is a combat-focused game that's actually a spin-off of the original "Pokemon" games.

Created to be played with one hand, this game has players taking on wild Pokemon while exploring uncharted islands that change on a daily basis. The game is created on a backdrop of islands and seas, and users can explore these and discover new Pokemon along the way.

The name of the game is Pokemon Rumble Rush by Nintendo.

The Pokemon Company International today confirmed a new entry in the Pokemon Rumble series, with the all new Pokemon Rumble Rush.

Players who remember a certain "Pokemon" title that was announced years ago would be happy to know that the game is already available in a certain country and will soon make its way to iOS and Android devices in other places as well. The Pokemon Company has released the new mobile game named Pokemon Rumble Rush in Australia, and it's free to play.

However, Pokemon Rumble Rush is developed by Ambrella, the studio that had released the four previous Rumble titles from the series. There are two different types of gears: Summon gears, which allow your Pokemon to call other Pokemon into battle for an assist, and power gears, which boost the stats of Pokemon and make them stronger. It isn't entirely clear how Pokemon Rumble Rush will take advantage of mobile devices, other than the fact that there will be "easy-to-use controls and attacks that are pulled off with simple taps".

The tutorial has you playing as Rattata on an island infested with Bulbasaur. Defeating some of the wild Pokemon will also lead to a number of these monsters joining your party.