Severe Storms Return Today And Tuesday


Heavy rain is also possible in the storms. A MODERATE threat of severe weather exists for the Eastern areas, an ENHANCED stretches back to Amarillo, and finally a SLIGHT for the Western zones.

There is a sensible probability for severe weather in parts of Oklahoma and Texas, at the side of Oklahoma Metropolis, on Monday.

There is a chance for high winds 60 miles per hour or higher and baseball-size hail Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service reported.

The National Weather Service says tornadoes touched down Friday night in rural parts of Nebraska, tearing up trees, powerlines, farm buildings and damaging some homes, but no serious injuries were reported.

Melody Daniel, spokeswoman for the state's emergency management department, says fallen trees have blocked all lanes of traffic on Route 64 in northwestern Arkansas, while a possible tornado in Fort Smith has caused roof damage to "numerous" homes.

This is peak tornado season, CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said, "with an average of 268 tornadoes countrywide during the month of May".

On Sunday, the threat of severe weather is forecast to be the greatest from the Lower Peninsula of MI to northwestern Kentucky and western Tennessee.

Fox 17 says the window for strong winds and severe thunderstorm will likely be between 2 pm and 8 pm.

Flood threats across the central Plains will remain high through next week, Van Dam said, with rainfall totals ranging from 1 to 5 inches.

"The heavy rain will impact areas that have received significant amounts or rain within the past several weeks", Van Dam said.

The greatest risk posed to the area will be flooding, due to the saturated nature of the ground.

The Mississippi River has been above flood stage for 133 straight days at Natchez, 90 days and Vicksburg and 89 at Greenville, said the NWS, breaking record for some of the longest-lasting floods in years.

In early May, the MS broke its July 9, 1993 record, after heavy rainfall triggered flooding from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, CNN affiliateWQAD reported. Its level this month reached 22.64 feet, WQAD said.

Over 100,000 customers were left without power from Texas to Iowa during the height of the storms on Saturday, AccuWeather reports.