Tiger Woods Blamed In Drunk Driving Lawsuit


According to a lawsuit filed by his parents, Immesberger stayed at the restaurant for a few hours after his shift on December 10.

Woods and Herman were recently hit with a wrongful death lawsuit from Immesberger's family as they believe their son was overserved alcohol on the night of his death.

Immesberger's parents allege that the restaurant over-served an "alcoholic" staff member.

It states that Woods "was directly responsible for ensuring that his employees and management were not over serving its employees/customers".

Immesberger, who had a blood alcohol reading of.256, lost control of his vehicle, crashed and suffered fatal injuries on December 10, 2018.

Nicholas Immesberger had an estimated blood alcohol concentration of 0.28 - more than three times the legal limit - when he died after his 1999 Chevrolet Corvette left the roadway. The lawsuit alleges that Woods and Herman both knew that Immesberger had a problem with alcohol and that they knowingly served him despite having that knowledge.

"One of the most significant issues we have here is the destruction of evidence". President Donald Trump honored Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House last week.

Tiger Woods' net worth increased by $50 million after a phenomenal 2018 season. He was allegedly permitted to drive home following three hours of drinking at The Woods after his shift at the restaurant concluded.

Tiger Woods during a practice round prior to the 2019 PGA Championship in NY.

Immesberger also had been involved in another alcohol-related crash in November, the suit adds. In this picture, Woods smiles during a television interview before a press conference in Melbourne, Dec. 6, 2018.

Kuvin said there had been surveillance footage of Immesberger drinking extensively on the night of the crash, but claims that the restaurant destroyed it. "And that culture was drinking and drinking to excess".

The family is seeking damages of more than $15,000, according to NBC News. The restaurant is said to be primarily run by Woods' girlfriend.

Immesberger's mother, Mary Belowsky, said her son wanted to be a firefighter and had plans to go to EMT school in January. [Nicholas] referred to The Woods as his family and his friends. "And when he needed them, they kinda just looked the other way".