TSMC already producing A13 chip for upcoming iPhones


While the design of these new iPhones will remain the same, Apple has included an extra camera on the back.

We're still several months out from the unveiling of Apple's next smartphones, but Bloomberg is out today with a new report detailing the three iPhone models the Cupertino company apparently has in store for later this year.

Apple A13 chips are expected to appear on the successors of iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Of course, these leaked renders are from official, meaning we can still cling to the hope that the iPhone 11 will look nothing like this when it eventually arrives later in the year.

TSMC has had the A13 chip in test production since April say reports, and is set for mass production later this month. They will also each gain an additional camera - three on the back of the iPhone XS and XS Max sequels, and two on the rear of the iPhone XR follow-up.

Apple should be able to create more distance between the iPhone 11 and the rest of the Android field with the new A13 chip, but it's not clear from the report what sort of capabilities it will have. All these three iPhones will feature A13 chipset that will offer improved performance and battery life.

The third lens on the high-end models is a super wide-angle lens that produces larger, thinner shots and a wider zoom. This would be similar to the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro. The second camera on the new XR model will have increased zoom as well. There will also be an auto-correction feature in which people who were accidentally cut out from a photo can be added back into it.

The XS and XS Max handsets are reported to be half a millimeter thicker than their predecessors and their cameras will be contained within a square on the rear's top left.