Watch the Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct here


This evening Nintendo has revealed a new special offer for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in its Super Mario Maker 2 Direct presentation.

If you want to go old-school multiplayer with a modern twist, Super Mario Maker 2 will also feature a LAN mode that allows four players, each with their own Switch, to connect in a private room as long as they're physically nearby each other. He has to run through courses animated in a range of traditional Mario styles, collecting coins and learning new tricks as he finishes each one. This was announced in a Marvelous livestream earlier today, where the developers apologized...

While Nintendo has been historically reluctant to discount its games outside of "Player's Choice" lines, we've seen more and more first-party titles in recent sales.

And then there are the online features. Everyone in Course World gets a Maker Profile, including a customizable avatar with unlockable accessories.

Importantly, you can download courses and play offline, but whether this is limited in any way was not discussed. Players can also join up for versus and co-op multiplayer modes via the hub. For instance, in Sky-themed courses, night mode means less gravity, whereas Snow-themed courses become extra slippery and Forest-themed courses become filled with poison water. Four members of the "Super Mario Maker" community will compete in a variety of courses designed by the Nintendo Treehouse team. The moon follows the path of the enemy, Angry sun, and if you touch it's smiling face you instantly torch all the enemies on screen. Some items even transform, too. Fans seems especially excited for assets from the SNES classic Super Mario World.

That's because 3D World has a number of features that only apply to its particular style.

All in all, Super Mario Maker 2 looks absolutely stacked. The game officially launches on Jun. 28 with a staggering amount of customization options for budding creators.