Weiner Leaves Halfway House Where Held For Underage Sexting


Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is finally free after serving 21 months in prison and an additional several months in a halfway house in New York City for sending lewd photos to a minor across state lines, a federal crime.

Weiner attempted a political comeback in 2013 and ran for mayor of NY, but revelations that he had continued sending explicit messages doomed his campaign.

Weiner has been mum on his future plans - it certainly wouldn't be beyond belief for him to make a third run at a political career, even this late in the game - but the New York Post reported last month that Weiner has been shopping around a book proposal, likely a memoir of his life. He is registered as a Level 1 sex offender.

Weiner pleaded guilty in May 2017 to transferring obscene material to a minor.

At his sentencing, Weiner said he'd been a "very sick man for a very long time" and said he had a sex addiction.

CNN has reached out to the Bureau of Prisons and Weiner's lawyer.

Weiner spent time at Federal Medical Center-Devens in MA before he was transferred to the halfway house in February to serve the remaining time of his sentence.

It wasn't the first time Weiner had been caught acting inappropriately. A second sexting scandal unfolded in the midst of his failed 2013 run for mayor of NY (bear in mind, he was at the time married to Huma Abedin, the glamorous Hillary Clinton aide), with salacious details that included his nom-de-sexting was "Carlos Danger".

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin at a news conference in New York City at which Weiner acknowledged that he engaged in lewd online conversations with a woman after his resignation from Congress, July 23, 2013.

Nevertheless, Clinton felt damage was done and said Comey shared blame for her loss to Donald Trump.