William launches mental health awareness week


To mark Mental Health Awareness Week this week, MHFA and Bauer Media Group urged employers to sign up to a workplace manifesto, which asks organisations to treat mental and physical health equally; implement the six core standards for a mentally healthy workplace as set out in the government's Thriving at Work review; and develop diverse and inclusive workplaces where staff feel comfortable to "bring their whole selves" to work. But men are also affected by body image.

She said: "This will build on our package of measures to improve the mental health of young people, and directly target the impact of social media and body image on mental wellbeing".

It's been a year since we first launched our Where's Your Head At? campaign, aiming to get a mental health first aider in each workplace.

When it comes to managers, Mind's research found that many feel they could do with more support. Significant numbers have felt feelings of disgust and shame or changed their behaviour to avoid situations that make them reflect negatively about their bodies. Our research suggests that a worrying proportion of men have felt anxious or depressed about their bodies.

The charity wants the United Kingdom government to take action, by regulating social media and giving more powers to the Advertising Standards Authority.

"Many people identified social media as an important factor causing them to worry about their body image - and the majority of respondents felt the Government needed to take more action".

'Whilst many employers are claiming to take mental health more seriously, the feedback I'm getting on my travels around the United Kingdom is that many of them are paying it lip service, ' said Natasha Devon MBE, WHYA campaigner and author, 'Our research shows that people still feel the stigma of discussing mental health in the workplace, fearing they will be seen as "unprofessional" if they do disclose a mental health issue.

"We particularly welcome the commitment to addressing the impact of social media on body image". While there have been some positive initiatives, social media companies have frequently been unwilling to take the necessary steps to protect their users from harmful content.

"That is why today we are calling on the UK Government to tackle the promotion of unhealthy or idealised body image images as a specific part of its policy in this area".

Ms Cameron said: "This could be enforced by the proposed new independent regulator, which is already part of the Government proposals".

Less than half (45%) of staff think managers would spot their mental health problems, despite two in three managers feeling confident promoting wellbeing. Enter your location in the box below to find a counsellor near you.