12-Year-Old Girl Gets Flesh-Eating Disease After Swimming at Florida Beach


Testing revealed that Kylei's body was responding to a potentially deadly and rare infection called necrotising fasciitis.

Towards the end of their trip to Destin, Florida this month, Kylei began feeling pain in her leg. Despite a slight improvement during the day, in the morning on 11 June, the pain, according to brown, has increased to such an extent that Kylie could not step on the heel, and by June 12 the girl was crying due to severe pain. However, Florida health officials do encourage residents and tourists to check the Florida Healthy Beaches Program to ensure water quality before heading out.

When they returned to Indianapolis, a doctor told Michelle to take her daughter to an emergency room.

Then she went in for her first surgery to cut as much of it out as possible from her muscle lining.

"Everything started going downhill quickly because, to sum things up, she had contracted a bacteria somehow that had already turned into an infection", Brown wrote on Facebook.

"It started from a scuff on her toe, a scrape on her toe, and it nearly cost her her life", Brown said. So far she's had three surgeries. "We were only allowed to get in ankle deep", Brown said. "And doing that, they were trying to save her leg and save her because the infection was moving so rapidly", Brown told WKRG. She felt a little better and we were moved from intensive care to a regular ward.

According to Brown, her daughter's condition worsened the next day and she needed four different antibiotics to fight the infection.

After a week of being in hospital, Kylei was finally well enough to go home. "It can be contracted by a scrape, wound, new tattoo, or even through a bruised area of skin", Ms Brown said. Rapid antibiotic treatment and surgery to remove the infection are crucial in treatment.

As the family starts their long road to recovery, Brown wants other families to know the dangers and the signs. "We are taking oral antibiotics as well as IV antibiotics 3 times a day, and pain meds every four hours".

I have spent the past few days contemplating on if I should publicly share Kylei's situation.

Brown said she hopes her story resonates with parents to be careful this summer, as they prepare for many beach-filled days.

"If it wasn't for the quick responses and aggressive treatments, I wouldn't have her", Kylei's mother, Michelle Brown, said while holding back tears.

At first she experienced pain in her leg, but by the time she arrived home to in, her symptoms had worsened to swelling and a fever, Fox 43 reported. "I was a person who had no idea of this, and I had to learn very quickly". The family has put out a GoFundMe page to collect donations to help pay for her escalating medical bills.