Apple Finally Understands iPhones Need Bigger Batteries


Additionally, the sources claim that the new battery will have a capacity of 3110 mAh, which is a substantial upgrade over the 2942 mAh battery of the iPhone XR. Keep in mind that Apple makes money selling Lightning to third party accessory makers so it's unlikely that it will move its entire iPhone lineup over to USB-C. The report states that the iPhone XR has 2942mAh battery.

A recent report from Korea suggests that this year's iPhone Xr successor, the 2019 iPhone 11R (or iPhone XIR, if you will) will have a slightly larger battery than its predecessor. No matter how Apple will choose to name it, if it will either be named iPhone XR 2 or iPhone XIR, the new variant will be more serious in terms of providing a whole day of usage with a 3,110mAh battery.

CATL, which is already a battery supplier for Apple, has recently started production of batteries for the new-generation iPhone XR, and by the looks of things, these early units come with increased capacity.

Last year Apple launched three iPhones for the first time. While majority got stage time, some didn't and one of them was the "Optimised battery charging" feature. This means the iPhone XR successor will be given the distinction of having the largest battery capacity of any iPhone powered by a single-cell battery. ATL came into prominence after Samsung gave the Chinese company a contract to make batteries following the aftermath of the exploding Galaxy Note 7.

Apple recently launched an ad campaign touting the long-lasting battery of the iPhone XR, which has been Apple's best seller in the US since it launched last fall with the iPhone XS and XS Max. It is being predicted that there won't be many changes made in the overall design of the phone except to allow for the housing of the dual camera setup in the rear.