At least 100 undigested boba pearls found in girl's stomach


It may surprise you to know that bubble tea has actually been around since the 80s, when it was created in Taiwan.

A 14-year-old girl in China who suffered severe constipation for a week was reportedly full of bubble tea balls.

The teen reportedly told doctors that she drank only one cup of bubble tea five days before the hospital visit, Newsweek reported.

However, doctors believed the girl was concealing the depths of her bubble tea habit to avoid getting in trouble from her parents.

A young Chinese girl's love of bubble tea has seen her end up in hospital and prompted doctors to warn about drinking the sweet beverage in moderation. When doctors did a CT scan, they found at least 100 tapioca pearls in the teen's stomach, Asia One reported.

Xiao Shen - who said she'd only had one cup of the pearl milk tea - was prescribed laxatives to help her pass the balls. Tapioca's starchy nature is what likely led to the build-up in the girl's stomach, says Niket Sonpal, internist and gastroenterologist in New York City.

The pearls in the drink are made of a tapioca starch, "which is not easy to digest".