Biden is fixing his climate plan that failed to cite sources


"The paragraph in Joe Biden's climate plan about carbon capture and sequestration includes language that is remarkably similar to items published previously by the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition", Josh Nelson wrote on Twitter with screenshots that show almost the same language.

Joe Biden's presidential campaign lifted language without credit, at times word for word, when crafting its education and climate plans, incidents the campaign acknowledged and said were inadvertent.

A new report claims that former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been holding a big lead atop the Democratic presidential polls since he announced his candidacy in April, has repeatedly and knowingly lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement.

Biden's plan - a mix of tax incentives, federal spending, new regulation and more aggressive foreign policy on climate issues - comes as he pushes back on rivals' assertions that his environmental agenda isn't bold enough. Josh Nelson, the vice president of the progressive group CREDO Action, on Twitter pointed out two instances in which Biden's plan mirrored language from liberal organizations.

It wasn't the only misappropriated speech Biden made before dropping out of the race - he also borrowed one from Robert F. Kennedy the previous year, and even plagiarized while at law school, complaining when he was caught that his "intent was not to deceive anyone". Nobody is showing up, I mean nobody.

The changes come after The Daily Caller, a conservative news outlet, reported that several passages from Biden's plan appeared to borrow from policy papers and statements written by outside groups without citation.

Vice's headline proclaims, "Biden's Surprisingly Strong Climate Plan is Giving People Hope", and Gizmodo's Earther said, "Biden's Climate Plan Actually Has Teeth".

The document by Biden, former vice president to Barack Obama, cites sources in the text of the plan.

Biden's 2020 presidential campaign immediately faced controversy after language from his climate change and education policy proposals was found to be unusually similar to that in other sources.

This isn't the first time Biden has been accused of plagiarizing.

Biden's habit of plagiarism dates back to his first presidential campaign in 1988, when he lifted a popular speech from a United Kingdom politician that mischaracterized his own family background, implying to be descended from coal miners and the first in his family to attend university.

But David Axelrod, a Democratic strategist and architect of Obama's 2008 campaign, was skeptical that the errors in his climate policy proposal will affect his front-running campaign.