Chris Hemsworth reveals the reason why he named her daughter India


Dedicated fans were apprehensive about a continuation of the famous trilogy that doesn't involve the beloved Agent K and Agent J and perhaps they were right to be cautious about the movie. And if you're wondering how a movie starring the delightful trio of Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth and Emma Thompson could be so bad ... well, I'm wondering, too.

Chris Hemsworth, who promoted his Sony Pictures" project Men in Black: International in India last week, finally revealed the reason behind naming his daughter "India'.

Oh, the two actors who led the "Men in Black" franchise through three previous films are present, but only in a painting depicting a long-ago scene.

Men in Black: International, which is opening this week, is expected to rack up $30 million when it debuts in the U.S., Variety reported.

"Then I pitched Humans In Black, but that's H.I.B. and that' sounds like something you don't want to get", Thompson explained, implying a similarity to the acronym H.I.V.

EW, meanwhile, singled out director F. Gary Gray and how he "reduces his leads" chemistry into action heroics", and described "Men In Black International' in general as "a awful reboot".

"It's time to wave the neuralyzer in the face of every executive involved and murmur softly: forget about this franchise", said Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian.

It's looking like Thompson and Hemsworth's familiar on screen chemistry is not apparent in this story, and was certainly not helped by a largely unimpressive plot.

Men In Black III: 68%.

Are these reviews what you expected? "I don't know, we'll see".