Is Poultry Really Healthier Than Red Meat?


It has always been assumed that meats such as chicken is better for your cholesterol levels than beef, but the latest research indicates that poultry has an equally bad effect on the health of your heart.

That's not to say red and white meats offer the same health benefits and risks; according to NBC News, previous studies have revealed that red meat eaters have higher levels of a chemical called TMAO in their blood, which is linked to a higher risk of heart disease than vegetarians or people who only eat white meat. This needs to be explored in more detail, they added. There are actually different kinds of LDL, characterised by the size of their particles.

Plant proteins were found to be the healthiest of all for blood cholesterol, and the study concluded that the results support growing recommendations to adopt plant-based diets with high vegetable content as good for health and better for the environment.

The results indicated that plant-based proteins were least harmful to a person's cholesterol compared to diets consisting of red or white meat.

"Therefore, using standard LDL cholesterol level as the measure of cardiovascular risk may lead to overestimating that risk for both higher meat and saturated fat intakes, as the LDL cholesterol test may preferentially reflect levels of larger LDL particles", Krauss said.

High cholesterol can block blood vessels and cause heart disease, which causes more than a quarter of deaths in the USA and UK.

The researchers didn't include grass-fed beef or processed products including sausage or bacon.

However, according to researchers from the University of California, there may still be some truth to the idea that red meat is worse for you overall, seeing as there are other negative effects that can cause cardiovascular disease. It plainly demonstrates that eating plant-based proteins is related with lower dimensions of cholesterol, she said.

The main source of red meat provided by the researchers was beef, while chicken served as the main white meat protein. However, there may be various other effects of eating white meat that can cause the problem of cardiovascular diseases among people.

It's also possible that there are other factors about red meat that can affect cardiovascular health, he said.

"The take home message of this study is eat more plants, eat more plant-based proteins, limit your intake of saturated fats from all sources, and limit your intake of animal proteins, from all sources", Hunnes told Live Science in an email.

The discovering dovetails with late global proposals that individuals eat more plants and less burgers, which are connected to environmental change, freshwater contamination and the demolition of untamed life.

The study was published online Tuesday (June 4) in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.