John Wick Chapter 4: Will this be Keanu Reeves’ End? and More!


This comes from an interview with Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard, who says that Reeves would "have all these kids come up to him, all these teenagers on the street, and they weren't doing the normal 'Oh you're Neo, oh you're Wick, ' they were calling him "Fortnite guy!"

Keanu Reeves | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty ImagesWhy are fans so smitten with Keanu Reeves?

"That's, uh, that's wacky", Reeves acknowledged. "Well, the positivity's great".

Keanu Reeves is going through very hard times, but his fans still remain loyal to his work and are looking forward to new news about his life.

Speaking about his Toy Story 4 character, a motorcycle-obsessed toy Duke Caboom, Reeves said, "I just kind of got inspired".

A tweet displaying Reeves posing with a pair of females, including Dolly Parton, with his arm within the abet of the females and his hand hovering over either their arms or waists has long past viral.

Another Twitter user noted: "Fans are calling ‪#KeanuReeves a "respectful king" after noticing he doesn't touch women in photos (interesting though, that the women are often eager to invade HIS personal space, LOL)". The character's so full of life.

The 54-year-old actor responded to an outpouring of adoration from fans while attending the Los Angeles premiere of his movie Toy Story 4 on Tuesday. So when he's on the bike, I was just - like, he keeps doing poses, you know, and he can't stop. "They put it into the film, so it was nice", he added.While Reeves said his on-screen, toy character "looks absolutely not like me, at all", he did say that some of his physicality made it into the avatar.