Justin Bieber was just joking about wanting to fight Tom Cruise


Who is willing to put on the fight?

Paparazzi spoke with the 25-year-old singer on Wednesday in Los Angeles, and he said he was "just playing" when asked about the fight. "I do that stuff sometimes".

Yesterday, for whatever reason, Justin Bieber made a decision to open up the Twitter app and challenge Tom Cruise to a fight.

The "challenge" was posted on June 9 and reads: 'I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon.

At one point, Bieber said he had just finished watching an interview with the "Mission Impossible" star and he was on his mind before he made the fight challenge. "@danawhite?" (The UFC Octagon is the organization's famed arena with eight sides, while Dana White is the UFC president). "I'd have to get in some good shape".

"I think he'd probably whup my ass in a fight!" he continued, laughing.

"You have to have a name to really make it jump out of all the noise", Dori said.

Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise. "I'm really skinny right now", Bieber said.

"He's got that dad strength", the singer mused about Cruise. Conor McGregor offered to host the event and even fight Mark Wahlberg on the same card.

"I think he just streamed Top Gun for the 1st time last night, and thinks Tom's 26", one person tweeted.

"If Tom Cruise is man enough to accept this challenge, Mcgregor sports and entertainment will host the bout".

The challenge raised many eyebrows because it was immediately clear that Cruise, who famously does his own death-defying movie stunts, would have the upper hand.