Love Island 2019: When is the next recoupling?


Love Island airs on weeknights on ITV2 at 9pm.

Others, however, insisted that Amy meant that Danny must be looking for a mature, lovely and intelligent woman, considering Yewande is all of those things.

Charlie called Lucie "fame hungry" as she headed into the villa, and claimed their relationship was a short-lived holiday fling - something which seems to have upset the surfer's family.

The programme ended before viewers got a chance to see how the date went, although a tease for tonight's installment showed Yewande smiling as she exchanged compliments with the new boy.

She continued: "Obviously I was a bit gutted as you would be, but at the end of the day I literally had one conversation with him".

A new arrival in the Love Island villa will cause a stir as he catches the eye of three girls.

During a chat in the garden, Joe tells her: "You are the probably the kind of girl I would go for..."

"Danny is clearly friends with Charlie from previous year because they are both models so i don't think he will go Lucie would be really weird to go with your friends ex", one person tweeted. Anton told Tommy in the kitchen.

"I don't play no games".

A fourth raged: "Wowwww I just realised that Amber didn't care about how Yewande was getting on, she just wanted to see if she could steal Michael!"

Molly quizzed: "What's going on with you and Yewande?"

Curtis, who is now coupled up with air hostess Amy Hart, laughed before replying 'OK, I'll ease off!'.

In the Beach Hut, Amy says "Curtis is such a lovely person and the word I use is sunny".

Molly responded: "I knew straight away we'd get along".

Who are the current Love Island couples? "Feel so sorry for Yewande".

One said: "What we want is for Danny to pick Amber then for Michael to be there to comfort Yewande and bam they fall in love #loveisland".

Another wrote: "Danny can collect Amber and leave my precious babies Michael and Yewande alone - thanks management x #LoveIsland".