Michael Holding won't be muzzled over comments about Kiwi umpire Chris Gaffaney


Earlier in the day, the near universal condemnation by fans made the ICC issue a statement explaining its decision why it didn't keep any reserve days to accommodate washed out matches.

The previous highest number of abandoned games in a World Cup was two, in 1992 and 2003.

United Kingdom's MET department's forecasts suggest that there's a 50% chance of rain at around 1 pm local time on Sunday in Manchester.

"This is extremely unseasonable weather".

"In the last couple of days we have experienced more than twice the average monthly rainfall for June which is usually the third driest month in the United Kingdom", he said.

Commenting on the World Cup, Pompeo said: "I understand that you've been having deep, important conversations among you about one of the most important global events of our day, something with major potential to change the world, deep worldwide events that capture the attention of billions and billions of people".

On Tuesday, the tournament saw a third match abandoned because of rain - already a record for the tournament.

"There is also no guarantee that the reserve day would be free from rain either", he said.

But having a reserve day for each match will require a significant increase in the workforce from the current 1200 that is employed per game.

The knockout stage of the six-week tournament includes reserve days but it would post a massive logistical challenge at the group phase and inconvenience everyone, Richardson said.

Mani further said that the cricket board is trying to persuade the foreign teams to visit Pakistan and in this regard he is utilising his experience of heading the International Cricket Council (ICC) and his personal relations with different cricket boards.

"We will not beg India or any other country to play cricket with us; we want resumption of bilateral cricket ties with India in a decent and dignified manner", the Dawn quoted Mani as telling the media at the Gaddafi Stadium on Thursday.

The abandonment follows an uninspiring trend this week, where two games have failed to start and one was called off less than an hour into play. Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes said. In an interview with the Guardian, Holding once remarked: "I resigned from the ICC when they decided they wanted to change the result of the Pakistan game at the Oval (against England in 2006 from a forfeiture to a draw) because of politics".

Michael Holding was in hot water with the ICC over his remarks during the West Indies' loss to Australia.