Oppo to announce a smartphone with in-display camera on June 26


The video uploaded on Oppo's various social media accounts suggested that the product is still in its prototype phase and is not releasing anytime soon. The teaser video showed us a quick rundown of the various methods used by OPPO, in order to incorporate the front-facing selfie camera into the front of their smartphones.

Oppo has taken to Weibo to post a teaser video of the upcoming phone.

The 15-second video embedded with the tweet shows a progression phones have gone through over the years, and the clever ways the selfie camera has been included as bezels shrank.

The Oppo phone with an under-display camera sensor will be the first smartphone to be announced with the latest technology and will be unveiled on June 26. The evolution covers innovations such as OPPO's manually flip around selfie camera, the notch, and slide out selfie cameras.

For the upcoming device, it will be an all-screen smartphone that has a hidden camera on the top middle of the display.

However, the Chinese manufacturer is not launching the smartphone at the event. He had also said that it is hard to mass produce the in-display camera technology. However, the in-display camera technology is all about embedding the front camera under the display of the phone.

Oppo is not the only one working on under-display front camera smartphone.

We have already heard OPPO say that the quality is not quite there yet compared to a normal selfie camera and the challenges in producing such a thing are real.

With only a couple of days to go until the unveiling of this prototype, it would be pretty interesting to see how Oppo achieved this feat.