Prolonged Working Hours To Boost Risks Of Stroke


Information on age (18-69), sex, smoking and work hours were derived from questionnaires from 143,592 participants.

The risk of stroke increased by almost 30 percent for people who worked longer than 10 hours per day for at least 50 days a year, according to research published Thursday in the journal Stroke.

People who work for more than 10 hours a day may have a significant risk of stroke, a study warns. The study didn't include part-time workers or people who had previously suffered strokes prior to working long hours. And risk jumped by 45 percent for people who worked long hours longer than 10 years.

Long hours were defined as more than 10 hours on at least 50 days per year.

Take note! People who work long hours have an increased risk of stroke, especially if they work those hours for 10 years or more, finds a recent study. Dr Alexis Descatha, who led the research, said this was an unexpected finding that would need to be explored further.

"I would also emphasise that many healthcare providers work much more than the definition of long working hours and may also be at higher risk of stroke", said Descatha, also associated with the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

Just under a third worked long hours, with 10% working long hours for 10 years or more. Researchers said that it might be because those workers have greater "decision latitude" than others.

But he suggested it could be that at a younger age the working conditions, irregular schedules and stress that can accompany working long hours might have more of a negative impact on the heart than other factors - such as being overweight and having high blood pressure - that typically affect older men and women.

The researchers also conclude that while there was no risk difference on the basis of gender, chances of risks was stronger for people engaged in white-collar jobs. And for more ways to add structure to your days, see the rest of our 50 Genius Ways for You to Achieve a Perfect Work-Life Balance.