Raspberry Pi Used to Hack NASA


The investigators bear moreover notorious that JPL's incident administration and response practices deviate from NASA's ideas. It's always bringing to light new mind-boggling discoveries and theories.

NASA has a way of releasing information about its exploits weeks after they occurred, and that was the case this week, when the agency showed images taken on June 13 of the wheels of the rover being installed together with the starboard legs. In 2011, hackers managed to steal 87GB of data by accessing around 18 servers supporting core JPL missions. As a result, JPL's ability to monitor, report and mitigate attacks was placed at "risk".

NASA also said the hacking opened the door to possible manipulation from the Deep Space Network, an global system of radio antennas that collects data from and commands interplanetary space missions, as well as a few that orbit Earth. The audit report stated that, "Johnson officials were concerned the cyber attackers could move laterally from the gateway into their mission systems, potentially gaining access and initiating malicious signals to human space flight missions that use those systems".

"The device should not have been permitted on the JPL network without the JPL OCIO's review and approval", the OIG said.

Aside from the JPL, the hackers were also able to access NASA's Deep Space Network, which collects data and commands from interplanetary space missions through the use of radio antenna systems.

In response to the attack, the Johnson Space Center in Houston segregated their network from JPL's, meaning that NASA's various departments did not have segmented networks.

There were more security discrepancies found on the JPL network including the lack of security guidelines for partners, lack of necessary security training for system administrators and lack of threat hunting program recommended by IT security experts, among others.

NASA has agreed to a plan to correct its cybersecurity deficiencies, according to the report. We can't help but imagine what the data hackers could have accessed had they used an advanced computer.