Russian Doll gets a second series


Despite having a pretty much ideal ending to the first season, it was announced on Tuesday evening that a second season is incoming, and we here in JOE think that the show is one of the very best things that Netflix has ever done, so we're very happy to hear this news. The first season works so perfectly that the idea of bringing it back for more potentially seems like flirting with disaster, and there are plenty of questions about where exactly the series will go after its satisfying season one finale. Suffice to say, it's getting a second season.

The second season renewal was announced by Netflix [VP of Originals] Cindy Holland and Lyonne during their appearance at Recode's Code Conference Tuesday in Arizona. Lyonne stars as a NY woman who becomes caught in an endless loop of attending her own birthday party only to die and repeat the night over and over again. But the first season introduced a fascinating wrinkle to that premise at the end of its third episode, something that elevated it beyond that familiar structure and allowed for more depth and connection to its characters.

Lyonne - who also starred in Orange Is The New Black - created the series with Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland. She was always a presence as we knew Lyonne would always be the beating heart and soul of this show. "It's not a one-woman show, so what would be the most fun way to tell you this story?" And given how great Season 1 was, I'm dying to see what they have planned for Seasons 2 and hopefully 3.

Holland announced that Netflix had renewed the show - with Lyonne calling the follow-up season the "same show, but weirder" - lining up with comments Lyonne had made previously regarding plans for a three-season arc.