Trials of Mana finally comes West to Switch in 2020


While the remake is coming to PC, it looks like we can't say the same for the original.

Additionally Trials of Mana is getting a full remake, due out in early 2020. According to a press release from Square Enix, this Trials of Mana remake is not only updating the visuals, but it's also revamping the combat system and how progression/skills operate as well. It still has you setting forth with a custom party of three heroes parties (chosen from among six characters) to fight evil monsters and save the world, just as you'd expect from a Japanese role-playing classic. There have been plenty of Arcade Archives that have released since the Switch's launch, and a number of NES games, but no Game Boy.

Similarly to the Secret of Mana Remake, TRIALS of MANA will feature new 3D models and the entire game will feel similar to the original SNES version.

You can see the launch trailer of the Collection of Mana below, along with some images and more details from Square Enix. Collection of Mana is available now on the eShop!

Back in the Super Famicom days, Seiken Densetsu seemed like it would become one of Squaresoft's biggest properties alongside Final Fantasy.

The newly localized version is being dubbed Trials of Mana, and will come packaged with both the Game Boy's Final Fantasy Adventure (the first Seiken Densetsu game) and Super Nintendo's Secret of Mana (its sequel).