United States trade representative holds hearings on proposed increases to Chinese import tariffs


Large public companies, many of whose shares sank in May on concern over the impact of tariffs on growth, also warned in broad terms of the trouble an outright trade war would cause.

Mark Flannery, President of Regalo International a Minnesota established manufacturers of baby gates, child booster seats, and transportable play yards said that 3evaluating quotes for transferring manufacturing to Vietnam, utilizing extensively Chinese produced steel, were 50 percent higher than present China costs and estimates from Mexico were even higher.

Child safety products such as auto seats were spared from Trump's previous tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, imposed in September 2018.

Products entering the US after June 15 are taxed at the 25% rate.

"In the run-up to the summit in Osaka, President Trump continues to exert pressure on China on trade and other issues, while President Xi is preparing the nation for an extended trade war".

"We're going to lower the quality of footwear, raise prices and accomplish nothing by moving it around to other countries", Schneider said.

Toys, phones and televisions are all on the tariff list and represent some of the most valuable categories of products that Americans buy from China, according to a Reuters analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The tariff hearings are underway amid a severe deterioration of U.S.

Since then, Trump raised tariffs to 25% on $200 billion of Chinese goods.

Trump has said he wants to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the June 28-29 G20 leaders summit in Japan, but neither government has confirmed a meeting.

So far, Mr Trump has imposed tariffs on more than US$250 billion in Chinese goods, but this has spared most consumer items from major price increases.

"The tea industry of the United States of America does not need to be protected by tariffs and there is not any tea grower or group that would be protected".

The article highlights the struggles of USA -based Atlas PyroVision, a fireworks company that says it has few options besides China.

Not all of the witnesses on the first day of the hearing were opposed to the tariffs.

This allowed the units to be imported duty free as parts, rather than as completed units that were subject to tariffs.

Beginning today, the Office of the US Trade Representative will sponsor seven days of hearings from 320 companies on proposed $300 billion of tariffs on additional Chinese goods.

New Balance has long called for greater protections of US manufacturing as it's one of the few athletic footwear companies to have USA manufacturing.